Traxdata Valuepack CD-R 80min 52x Cake Box 50pcs Pack of 700mb CDR Limited Edition Cellophane Sealed Tub

  • $13.00

Traxdata Limted Edition CD-R are perfect for storing your music downloads, recording data, videos and photographs etc. With a content capacity of 80 minutes of uncompressed music or a recording capacity of up to 700MB, these disc are optimal for your storage needs. Write once CD makes it unalterable and are ideal for archiving precious files. Suitable for most CD or DVD/CD players, computer drives and game consoles.


  • Single sided
  • Write once
  • 80 mins music
  • 700MB data
  • 52x speed
  • Suitable for data, text, video, graphics, photographs etc


  • 1 x 50 Pack 

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