Mercury Digital Indoor TV Aerial Amplified Television and DAB/FM Radio Antenna Black ST36B

  • £24.50 GBP

High quality TV antenna connect all your favourite digital television and DAB/FM radio stations. Connect dozens of station all with this compact aerial. Sleek black
Mercury ST36B Indoor Amplified TV Aerial is designed for both digital TV signals and DAB/FM radio reception. Having a variable gain control to adapt to different aerial signal levels. Featuring a power On/Off LED indicator and a quality SMD circuit technology design. The aerial has two 728mm telescopic antennas for optimum VHF and FM radio reception. This product can be powered by 230Vac, 50Hz or 12Vdc 50mA. Current consumption: 50mA @12Vdc. Gain: 36dB Frequency range (UHF): 470-862MHz. Frequency range (VHF): 40-230MHz. Impedance: 75 ohms Dimensions: 195 x 144 x 230mm. Weight: 500g
  • Variable gain control
  • Power On/Off LED indicator
  • SMD circuit technology design

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