Apple 655-1730G iMac A1418 Macbook Pro A1278/A1286 Hard Disk Drive 2.5" 500GB Black

  • £22.50 GBP

Refurbished Genuine Apple Approved HGST 500GB H2T5001654S7 Apple 655-1730G 2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD) iMac Storage. Compatible with iMac A1418 systems and Macbook systems that can take 2.5in Serial ATA III Hard Disks with 3 months seller warranty as standard.

Apple Part No. 655-1730G
HGST P/n. H2T5001654S7
Storage Capacity: 500GB
P/n: 0J38085
Model Z5K500-500
HDD P/N: H2T5001654S7
MLC: DA5754
Speed: 5400RPM
Size: 2.5"
Thickness: 7mm

SKU: DM4-655-1730G

**OS X of your choice can be installed prior to shipping for a small additional fee ask seller.**

Compatibility: iMac A1418 (2012-2017) and Macbook Pro (2008-2012)** (A1286, A1278, A1297, A1229)

** Please be aware that this HGST Drive is manufactured with Seagate Technology. This refurbished Hard Disk although has the similar part number as many other Hitachi drives this is an Apple approved drive which has the Apple Part Number on 655-1730F and has built-in sensor on drive for the power management and iMac fan control. By using non-Apple approved your fans will spin at full speed and the iMac will be too noisy to work comfortably on**
Apple approved drives are designed for Apple and work seamlessly with iMac and Macbook Pro systems.

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