Apple MacBook Pro 15" A1707 2016 2017 Palmrest Grey US English Russian Keyboard Layout Trackpad Cable Touch Bar Space Grey Grade B

  • $52.00

Refurbished fully tested Genuine replacement Apple MacBook Pro 15" A1707 2016/2017 Palmrest in space grey.

Layout: US English International with Dual language key allocation, each key also has Russian keyboard layout. With this multinational keyboard layout, you can set your operating system preferences to US English and utilise the English keyboard layout, or you can set the preferences locale to Russian and also utilise the Russian keyboard layout on the keys (you can also set to UK in preferences if you like or any other language). These two layouts can be switched between by choosing to have the keyboard settings in the taskbar at the top of your screen. Making switching between both languages as simple as a fast click. The user can also add languages like UK English layout and have the keyboard setup as UK settings, especially if you are British and learning Russian language, or a Russian national in the UK, who prefers to use the UK English rather than US English layout, when typing. Very rare in the UK a complete Palmrest without the battery attached.

A 15" Aluminium Keyboard surround including trackpad & cable, Touch-bar, fans. USB-C ports, however battery is NOT Included, power button with Touch ID is also NOT included (Fingerprint Reader Touch ID will only work with the logic board it is originally paired with, so is sold with the logic board, advised that you use your own power button from your old Palmrest (however if you need a power button, please ask seller, although it's fingerprint reader function will not work). Original and genuine part clean pulled from A1707 2017 fully working in very good condition. Grade 'B'  which means it is in very good condition with only very minor signs of previous use (i.e. might have tiny marks from previous use but looks in good cosmetic condition) see attached images. Reason this is Grade 'B' and not a Grade 'A' is shown in the images, also battery is NOT included, again if you need a battery ask seller, we may have stock at the time, we can include at an affordable cost. (Palmrest is as seen in images attached), in some images there appears to be a thin line ging around the corner edge this is only rubber residue from where the screen touches the keyboard surround when laptop is closed. This rubber residue on the very edge of the top section, can be removed with cleaning, it is not a permanent mark. all parts come with with 3 months warranty against failure.
US English and Russian Keyboard Layout (QWERTY/NYUKE).

Battery IS NOT included.

INCLUDED are the fans, the Trackpad and cable, both USB-C ports and the Touch Bar Panel. Complete MacBook Pro Palmrest, minus the battery.

Item is in *Grade B* condition, may have some minor surface cosmetic marks from previous use but does look good hence grade as 'B'. Works perfectly.

Our Gradings:
*Grade A would be "as new" condition, anything Grade B would have some small marks from previous use and Grade C would have larger visible scratches, dents or other faults as described. This Palmrest is graded A minus, so between A and grade B, in very good condition.*

**Power Button IS NOT Included, WIFI Antenna NOT Included (sold separate ask seller for details)**
Layout: US English and Russian Dual Layout
Apple Part No. 821-00681-A - 821-00469
Model: 661-07950 and 661-05333
System Pulled Serial:  Clean Pulled from A1707 2017
Parts Included: USA and Russian Keyboard, Palmrest (4x Thunderbolt Type-C Sockets), Trackpad, fans (Battery IS NOT included)


If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly.
All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given.

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