Apple Macbook A1932 Late 2018/2019 Logic Board i5 1.6gHz 16Gb RAM 256GB SSD 820-01521-A (661-09714) (MDM Locked)

  • $155.00

Refurbished genuine and original Apple logic board. Clean Pull from working Late 2018 / 2019 MacBook Air A1932 Retina 13" . Logic Board is from a Late 2018 Retina (not early 2018 A1466) it is compatible with Late 2018 and early 2019 A1932 MacBook Air  machines Only! If unsure please ask seller.  **THIS BOARD IS MDM LOCkED**

Apple Part No. 661-09714
Foxconn P/n. 820-01521-A
Model: i5 Logic Board (1.6gHz)
Memory: 16GB DDR3 2133mHz (onboard) 
Storage: 256GB Solid State Drive (Onboard Apple SSD)

TOUCH ID Button as seen in images is paired with this Logic Board and will be supplied alongside the board included in buy price

**MDM LOCK: This logic Board has an MDM remote management lock. when OS is booted from an external drive or OS is pre-installed on internal SSD the Logic Board will boot in a MacBook no problems. If trying to do a clean installation or internet recovery, after completion the Logic Board will activate the MDM remote management lock and will not allow the installation no further. You can pre-install an OS and do setup on another Apple MacBook, then clone the drive to the internal onboard SSD this will allow you to use the Logic Board. You can also turn off MDM activation using terminal if you know how to do this.. Apart from the MDM remote management software lock, this board is 100% fully working logic board, taken from a working A1932 in Grade 'A+' condition. Ideal replacement board from a technician who knows what he is doing. NOT recommended for beginners or those not familiar with MDM locks. Ideal for spares for any micro-soldering, component level technicians, as all parts are fully functioning. RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED on basis of board has an MDM lock!!**

This is the MacBook Air 13" Retina Logic Board for the late 2018 models only. This logic board consists of a 1.6GHz Dual Core i5 processor chip with 16GB PC3-17000 (2133MHz) integrated ram and 256GB of integrated flash storage. This logic board has a integrated graphics card, Intel UHD Graphics 617 with 1.5GB of Video VRAM which is shared with the system. Make sure when buying logic boards you purchase the same part number 820-01521-A as the board taken from your old MacBook DO NOT purchase by year or MacBook model number. A1932 may have similar but not exact boards with slightly different connections always check the Logic Board part number is exact.

If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly. All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given..

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