TUPAC Original Print of Unique Artwork Drawn & Signed by Famous UK Artist ASHER

  • $31.00

UK Artist Asher's original artwork of TUPAC get your own signed copy Large A2 sized scan of hand drawn artwork. 

Asher is a renowned artist from Birmingham in the West Midlands and his work is sought after throughout the UK and beyond. 

Artwork lasts for many many years can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. A large masterpiece that can be displayed at home or given to a family member as a present. This is a scanned print of the original (which is now valued at over £1000 and is displayed and for sale at the Birmingham High Street Studio) ASHER will sign each copy sold making it unique to you and a signed masterpiece print. Smaller A4/A3 and custom sizes also available at reasonable prices ask seller for details

Print will usually arrive in just 2-3 days

Ever lasting joy, as this hangs in a special place in a music studio, bedroom, lounge or even your own art studio. Want another print, ASHER has done such music artists as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna and Elvis the King. prefer a print of one of those let us know at checkout or ask to see an image. Want original commissioned work of family members or stars, work can be commissioned for around £150 for A2 (look at our other ASHER listings) search our store or eBay for 'Famous UK ASHER'

Asher specialises in family portraits, and pictures of people, pets and even your home if you prefer. Unique work can be undertaken, like two photos merged together, or place your picture on a new landscape, like the beach or a sunset. Whatever your heart desires, ask and Asher will make your dream picture come to life. 

Whether ordered online or commissioned at the Birmingham High Street Studio. This artwork is really something unique and special. 

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